Legal notice

Informativa privacy sul trattamento dei dati personali (art. 13 d. lgs. 196/2003)

As prescribed by Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 2003 “Code for the protection of personal data”, we supply the following information regarding the processing of your personal data as indicated above.

  1. Kind of personal data processed

This information concerns exclusively the treatment of the data described above. Regarding the generality of interested subjects, Zanoli & Giavarini (in the following “ZG”) may acquire and process also other personal data, in which case the appropriate information is given before the processing begins.

  1. Purpose of the data processing

The personal data described above supplied by users who send requests for service through this web site, as well as by clients, suppliers, members of our mailing lists, and in general of all subjects with which we have working relationships, are used for the purpose of performing the service requested, or for the purpose of fulfilling contractual obligations or requirements of law, or for mere communication purposes.

  1. How data are processed

Personal data are processed on paper and/or through automatic systems, exclusively for the time necessary to achieve the aims for which the data are collected. Specific security measures are observed in order to prevent loss of data, illegal or incorrect use and unauthorised access.

  1. Optional submission of data

The submission of personal data is optional, but failure to submit data can make it impossible to fulfil agreements, finalise contracts or supply the requested services.

  1. Where and why the data are processed

Processing in connection with services offered by this web site, as well as processing of personal data of clients, suppliers, members of our mailing lists, and in general of all subjects with which we have working relationships takes place at the offices of Zanoli & Giavarini S.p.A. in:

• Milano, via Melchiorre Gioia n. 64 (C.A.P. 20125)

• Bergamo, Via Camozzi n. 84 (C.A.P. 24128)

• Treviso, Piazza Filodrammatici n. 3 (C.A.P. 31100 )

• Piacenza, Via Prevostura n. 62 (C.A.P. 29121)

and are managed only by employees, technical staff, collaborators of ZG who have been appointed for or entrusted with the processing, or by any personnel occasionally performing maintenance of electronic and information technology equipment. The above indicated personal data may be communicated to external subjects entrusted with carrying out specific tasks such as, for instance: subjects (companies and professionals) entrusted with providing advice on legal or contractual matters, accounting and administration services, postal services, Information technology consultants or software suppliers (the latter only as far as is needed to ensure the working of computer programs and processes). With the exception of such cases, personal data processed by ZG are not communicated to other third parties, unless communication is required by law or is strictly necessary to fulfil contractual obligations.

      6. Transfer abroad of personal data

Email addresses, as well as any personal data, contained in outgoing and incoming email messages can be processed, for exclusively technical purposes, by senders and recipients of the email messages as well as by third party information technology companies whose services and software are used by ZG. Since such companies may keep servers not only in Italy, but also in other European Union countries and in third countries (specifically in the United States), personal data may be transferred to countries within or outside the European Union, but in any case in full respect of Title VII of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (Transfer of data abroad, Articles 42 to 45). Other personal data mentioned above, to which the present information applies, are in no case transferred abroad, unless required by law or strictly necessary to fulfil contractual obligations.

  1. Rights of interested parties

Under Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, parties which the personal data refer to have the right at any moment to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of such data, and to be informed of their contents and origin, check their correctness or request to supplement, update or correct them, also with the third parties to which the data have been communicated. The subjects which the personal data refer to also have the right to request that the data be cancelled or transformed in anonymous form, or that data processed in breach of the law be blocked, and to oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, the processing of the data. Requests under Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 must be addressed to the processor of personal data indicated in the next paragraph.

  1. The processor of the personal data

The processor of the personal data processed pursuant to browsing our web site and of any other data used to supply our services, and in general of all data we process is Zanoli & Giavarini S.p.A., con sede in Via Melchiorre Gioia, 64 – 20125 – MILANO, tel.: +39 02-66799711, fax: +39 02 66799733, e- mail:

ZG can be contacted for confirmation and for the exercising of the rights listed in the preceding paragraph.